Lost Ark Day 1 Update

Good evening Knights!  I wanted to provide a quick update about the Lost Ark chapter as we approach the end of day one in Arkesia.  We are off to a great start on the Una server in the NA East region.

Guild Status - we have created our two guilds, Aureus Knights and Aureus Gaming.    As a reminder we are accepting MAIN characters only at the moment, we will open spaces for ALTs at a later time.  This is due to the fact that until we level the guild we are capped at 30 characters.  More details on this are available here.

Getting an invite - If you're a member or a friend of the guild you can get an invite easily.  You need to get past the prologue before accessing the guild interface, once you have unlocked guilds, you can access the menu by hitting ALT+U in game.  You will then be able to search for Aureus Knights or Aureus Gaming.  Once you've applied in game post a message with your character name in Discord in channel #la-invitereq so we can process your invite.

Leveling the guild - One of the key things for us to do this week (and for the forseeable future) is leveling up the guild so we can open up more spots in the guild and unlock a bunch of exciting guild features (like the guild store).  In order to help us level we need to do two things:

1) Do the weekly guild quest - once you hit level 50 and unlock the daily quests (Una's tasks) you wil be able to do the weekly quest.  For this week I have selected a gathering related quest which hopefully will be accessible to everyone.  

2) Donate silver daily - on a daily basis in the guild UI you will be able to donate silver to gain XP for the guild.  You will also be given guild currency in return that can be used to purchase end game materials once we have the guild shop unlocked.

I will have a video up later this week that shows how you do these tasks, for now if you have a question about what's involved you can ask on Discord.

We're really excited about our journey in Lost Ark and we hope you can join us.  See you in Arkesia!