Honour Roll

The Aureus Knights Honour Roll (previously known as Forum Awards) is a program designed to recognize the contributions of members throughout the years.

Guild Awards

Name Description Recipients
Guild Founder Given to a long term officer who has been crucial in the development of the guild Gagtech(2007), RJO(2007), Okaria(2007), Boosie(2007), Raiak(2007)
Officer Above and Beyond Given to an officer who has gone above and beyond for the guild. This award is given to an officer who has gone above and beyond dedicating time and effort to make this guild a great place. Hengist, Xan, zarman, Kiylie, Arcius
Good Citizen Award Award granted to a leader in our community. This award is for members who help make AKS a better place. Phal, RoninZephyr, Olias
The Dark Summer of 2010 I hope the Spring/Summer of 2010 is one we will soon forget. While the guild had some success in World of Warcraft by and large the Knights found themselves spread across multiple games most of them lasting only a few weeks at a time as it just seemed that the gaming gods refused to give us something to play. Many of our guild friends have been absent in past months as there just hasn't been anything to play. Some Knights however stayed true and did whatever they could to keep in touch by the forums or in whatever game managed to hold our attention in a given week. This award is for those loyal Knights who toughed out the Spring and Summer of 2010. There is a lot of good stuff on the horizon (Final Fantasy XIV and Star Wars: The Old Republic) but these members were around for one of the bleakest periods in MMO gamer memory! Gagtech, RJO, Okaria, Hengist, Boosie, Raiak, Xan, Serv, Kain, Caledonia, zarman, Juulianna, Shadowgate, Chux, deckardpain, Brand, Hugbees, nolifeking, Elidien, Baldur, Blackbomb, Dragonmonk, Myrridias, Kaburan, adicus, Pops, Archiver, itnusar, rylassin, Vukuto, ehrie, Naylan, Sweeman, Ryath, Enk, greyanna, Abaci, Joe, Neens, Byor, Simonizer, Mikill, Arcius, JustMark, Jorven, Kowh, Xandrenn, Novas
Player of the Month Award given to a Knight who has gone above and beyond to contribute to the success of the guild Arcis (August 2008), Kaburan (September 2008), Taco (October 2021)

The Division 2 Awards

Name Description Recipients
Top Weekly Contributor Award given to members who are the #1 weekly contributor in The Division 2 Gingersnap (March 2019)

Final Fantasy XIV Awards

Name Description Recipients
XIV Trailblazer The proud, the few - the first Knights of Final Fantasy XIV! This award is granted to all members and recruits who were members of the Open Beta FFXIV 1.0 Linkshell! This award is given as a thanks to our earliest FFXIV members! RJO, Okaria, Boosie, Kain, Caledonia, Heden, Porall, Pops, Vukuto, Ryath, Abaci, Joe, Arcius, JustMark, Bigcedric, CookieMage, Slammer, Blister, Kloyd, Delita Hyral, Slippers, Quickben, Bastion, masterofwind, mwellsie, Sweetlouuu
Eorzea Reborn Explorer Award given to members and recruits who participated in Betas 1, 2 or 3 for FFXIV A Realm Reborn and played alongside the Aureus Knights in one way or another. RJO, Okaria, Charinida, Hugbees, Heden, Pops, Kiylie, greyanna, Bigcedric, Slammer, Kloyd, Slippers, Alkaline, Leesil, Hotgingersnaps, Mister Daku, Aladire, David Pandakun, Xervuki, Albytaps, Xiz, ezfuzion, Ade, Rotjunk, Mordannus, Arachnos, Noble, Kayko, sol, Spiritwryr, Tenryou, Jing, Toga, dustkitty, JoProGaming2k, Flow, Deacon
Defeated by the 3102 Boss This award is given to the unfortunate victims of the 3102 Boss in Beta 4 of Final Fantasy XIV. We missed you in game, and we wanted you to have a little special something from the guild to let you know we were thinking of you. Okaria, Hugbees, Porall, greyanna, Bigcedric, Kloyd, Slippers, 68W, SockMonkey, Mister Daku, Dudellywink, Neko, deepblue, Albytaps, Xiz, ezfuzion, Genesis, Ade, radius, Rotjunk, Shivo, Mordannus, Arachnos, Deliverus_Gamora, Nemecus, McNutty, dustkitty, wrymenigma, Deacon, Melinoe, aristo_cbr, Phyrex, Dhymlos, Bora, BrunoBolderfist, acemlc, Kaitlynn, Andaris, BloodyRackham, Kazuteheit, Telom, AgentNXS, ecastle2, Myrcella, chrisnin00, GingerBeardMan, Jacoby, Dragos, Drachen Streik
Final Fantasy XIV Chapter Officer This award is given to the awesome few who stepped up and contributed to the Final Fantasy XIV chapter as Chapter Officers. RJO, Okaria, Raiak, Serv, Pops, ehrie, Naylan, Kiylie, Bigcedric, Slippers, Sarvas, Hotgingersnaps, Mister Daku, Maimonides, Artex, Zro, Shivo, Andaris, reddragn87, ZeroZenX, Justina, Xyphos, Gwen, Haz, Trufflepig, Ayuna, Floren, Zygous
Plot 13 Bankroll Given to members who helped contribute to building our house in Final Fantasy XIV! Thanks for your contribution! RJO, ehrie, Naylan, Neens, Bigcedric, Lent, Hotgingersnaps, Mister Daku, ibuka, Neko, Artex, Zro, Shivo, E'hosmer, Kayko, McNutty, Andaris, reddragn87, ecastle2, Nith, Akiha, Kheo, ZeroZenX, FlashCloud, Myz, saixprime, Ladorak Eqoa, Miana, Gin San, Adamant, kheltemis, Kierus, crzymnky, Sutibun Haha, naobi, Gwen, Snowflower, Stonesie, Hungy

Guild Wars 2 Awards

Name Description Recipients
Tyria Beta Explorer Given to any member or recruit who has a member of the guild in any three of the Beta Weekends RJO, Okaria, Arcis, Chux, Hugbees, RoninZephyr, Heden, Myrridias, Pops, Kiylie, Ryath, greyanna, Neens, Simonizer, Kowh, Bigcedric, Slammer, Slippers, Alkaline, LordMacabre, Bellatrix, Gliavar, Mad_Goku, Kilorn, Falks, Olias, liquid, Tenaj
GW2 Chapter Officer This award is given as a special thank you to the awesome volunteers who stepped up as Chapter Officers in GW2. Thank you for the awesome job you did making GW2 a success! RJO, Okaria, tabrizia, Arcis, Pops, Kiylie, Bigcedric, Cruella, liquid, Stooge, alura
Survivalist This award is given to any member who survived during the Hunger Royale event at the end of BWE3 RoninZephyr, Falks
Monumental This award is given to any member who has completed 30/50 in their Guild Wars 1 hall of monument. RJO, RoninZephyr, Myrridias, Slippers, Olias, liquid, Tenaj, Daniel2386

Rift Awards

Name Description Recipients
Rift Beta Explorer Award given to any member or applicant that wore the Aureus Knights guild tag in any Rift beta RJO, Okaria, Hengist, Xan, Kain, Caledonia, Dutch, Chux, Brand, Heden, Foubia, Myrridias, Pops, Anxst, Archiver, Vukuto, ehrie, noptov52, Kiylie, Sweeman, Ryath, greyanna, Abaci, Jabal Nuit, Neens, Simonizer, Mikill, Taggund, Gus, JustMark, Jaller, Bigcedric, Slammer, Alkaline, Horrison, Triniti, LordMacabre, kaeruil, Stormie, Bellatrix, Xerathe, Gliavar, Javelin137, Xakhareth, Bishop, Klag, gloryhunter, Folles, Funkmafia, Jamz, Leodin, Leesil

Star Wars The Old Republic Awards

Name Description Recipients
Star Wars Trail Blazer Given to any member who joins the Aureus Knights or the Aureus Empire within the first month of launch. RJO, Boosie, Xan, Caledonia, Chux, RoninZephyr, Myrridias, Pops, itnusar, rylassin, Kiylie, Ryath, greyanna, Neens, Simonizer, Mikill, Jaller, Bigcedric, Slammer, kaeruil, Bellatrix, Gliavar, Mad_Goku, Jibbler, Mattaos, Vasius, Falks
SWTOR Chapter Officer This award is given as a special thank you to the awesome volunteers who stepped up as Chapter Officers in SWTOR. SWTOR was without question one of our largest chapters and required a huge effort to pull off. So thank you for an awesome job! RJO, Hengist, Raiak, Xan, Chux, ehrie, Kiylie, Ryath, Conn, Bigcedric, Fengbald, Eamon, Mad_Goku, acestealth, Viveck, Mattaos
SWTOR Beta Explorer Given to any member who participated in the final weekend beta with Aureus Knights or Aureus Empire Okaria, Hengist, Raiak, adrift4ever, Caledonia, Chux, RoninZephyr, itnusar, ehrie, Naylan, Kiylie, Ryath, Enk, greyanna, Neens, Mikill, Desandre, Jaller, Bigcedric, Slammer, AkiraHiro, mwellsie, Alkaline, Bellatrix, Sarvas, Dewley, Mad_Goku, Viveck, Kilorn, Jibbler

Vanguard Awards

Name Description Recipients
Vanguard Veteran An award given to the original Aureus Knights in Vanguard. This group of people helped form AKS's first large presence in an MMO and we became known as a top class guild; this group has a lot to be proud of. Gagtech, RJO, Okaria, Hengist, Boosie, Gaelrond, deepfred, Raiak, kullen, tabrizia, Drom, Phal, Deridan, Valis, leng, Asharad, attriel, Shiz, Zyzzyva, Valimar, Xan, Serv, Kain, Sylvene, Caledonia, Greebo, zarman

Warhammer Online Awards

Name Description Recipients
Preview Warrior Special one time award given to all players who play with Aureus Knights in during Warhammer Online's Preview Weekend Gagtech, RJO, Okaria, Boosie, Raiak, Dutch, Arcis, darkyukon, Chux, shaigunjoe, Bluff, Torien, Voltar, Brand, Micon, Shep, Hugbees, nolifeking, Elidien, urbancannuck, BoogieBANG, Jak, Sunder, Heden, Krazt, TaylorTower, Foubia, Maximillian
Realm Champion Awarded to a guild member who has gone above and beyond in RvR to help not only AKS but the entire Order realm in our quest to conquer battlefield objectives, keeps and obtain victory in scenarios noptov52
Warhammer Online Vet The WAR Vet award is given to members who joined us in the first few months of the game. These members are commemorated for their patience through server moves, changes in officership, and being part of the best build experience we've ever had the pleasure to play host to. Gagtech, RJO, Okaria, Boosie, Raiak, Phal, Shiz, Serv, Kain, Caledonia, Dutch, Arcis, Cold Blooded, darkyukon, Shadowgate, Chux, Umbrasjg, shaigunjoe, The Ripley, Bluff, Torien, Voltar, Brand, Micon, Shep, Hugbees, nolifeking, Elidien, Baldur, urbancannuck, BoogieBANG, Blackbomb, RoninZephyr, Jak, Sunder, Heden, Krazt, TaylorTower, Foubia, Maximillian, Dragonmonk, Ontrex, Cael, Porall, Terakash, Praetor, zerohour, Myrridias, Heyly, Spice Weasel, Aryenne, Abraxas, Mohdri, Kaburan, Rygor, Gyle, KrasH, Remori, Kalbre, Erk03, Blix, Barricade, Pops, Jalindo, Saga, Xambu, drumstick, Anxst, Seron, miir, Ryvax, Ilere, barduk, Simmer, Archiver, TaranWanderer, itnusar, Scotsman, politicalpunk, Raizat, Pravius, Darkmogi, rylassin, Teryss, ShugKnight, Beaignu, Vukuto, Cintari, Diter, Tenai, Astalonn, Emmet, Lurima, Sydnie, ehrie, Naylan, Amp, DeathSheep, Arrqh, Dracon, Valrayne, Pyramid, noptov52, Greyfael, Kiylie, Sweeman, Ryath, Enk, Brushfire, Cindyr, Puppypaw, greyanna, Abaci, Darkell, Jabal Nuit, Joe, Susamajii, Janvier, Atnas, Volair, Neens, Gwenllian, Byor
Keep Master: Dok Karaz August 23rd, 2008 This award is granted to all Knights who attended our first Keep Siege. The evening of August 23rd, 2008 we captured Dok Karaz in Barak Varr. RJO, Okaria, Boosie, deepfred, Raiak, shaigunjoe, Hugbees, nolifeking, Jak, Heden, Krazt
Keep Master: Fangbreaka September 12th, 2008 This award is granted to all Knights who attended our second successful Keep Siege. The evening of September 12th, 2008 we captured Fangbreaka in Marshes of Madness RJO, Okaria, Micon, Hugbees, nolifeking, Sunder, Abraxas, Remori
Keep Master: Fangbreaka September 18th, 2008 This award is granted to all Knights who attended our third successful Keep Siege. The evening of September 18th, 2008 we captured Fangbreaka in Marshes of Madness Gagtech, RJO, Boosie, Raiak, Phal, Serv, Dutch, Arcis, shaigunjoe, Brand, Micon, nolifeking, Elidien, Heden, Ontrex, Cael, Praetor, Heyly, Aryenne, Kaburan, Remori, Perceval, Pops, Jalindo, Vumdayen, drumstick, Anxst, Seron, Scotsman, Nil
Aldorf Defender (February 15th, 2009) On February 15th the forces of Destruction pushed the battlefront to the front gates of our beloved capital city, Altdorf. The recipients of this award are the brave defenders who heeded the call of duty and valiantly defended our capital city. This time we were successful in dispelling the forces of Destruction, we need be ever vigilant to ensure our walls stand. RJO, Okaria, Micon, Beaignu, DeathSheep, noptov52, Greyfael, Abaci, Joe, Janvier, Neens, Methena, Byor

AKS Casual Awards

Name Description Recipients
FPS Nut One of the things that makes or breaks our little family is that we stay together and we stay active. One way we do that in between games is playing FPS games. Good quick fun, its always a good time! This award is for those who stick it out between MMOs by playing FPS games with Clan [AKS] Gagtech, RJO, Okaria, Raiak, Ryath, Abaci, Bigcedric
Champion of the League of Legends Award given to players who play League of Legends with AKS Casual RJO, Chux, Foubia, Myrridias, Archiver, ehrie, Ryath, Abaci, Neens, Simonizer, Bigcedric, Slammer, Horrison, Folles, mococothad, Water2012, Jibbler, Falks