One of the core tenants of the Aureus Knights is "well run".  We, as an officer team, pride ourselves on the time we spend on the guild making sure that we are operating a community we are proud of and making sure that "work" part of administering the guild remains invisible to the membership.  It is our strong desire that Knights just show up, play together and have fun.  Admin should be visible, the guild itself should be focused on the fun.

One of the key ways we do that is by taking a thoughtful approach to the way we run the guild.  The result of this has been to create a Guild Charter over the years that codifies and guides us in our decision making.  We share that Charter here happily for anyone who is curious about the underpinning principles that guide the guild.

Guild Charter - the Guild Charter codifies our beliefs and how we operate.

Raid Charter - the Raid Charter sets out the core principles of how we form our raid plans in PVE games where raiding is a core feature.