FFXIV Chapter

Aureus Knights <AKS> is currently active and recruiting in Final Fantasy XIV on the Gilgamesh server.  We have long been a premier Free Company, having the honour of peaking as the highest rated (on the FC Rankings) North American Free Company several times over our existence as a Free Company.  Throughout the Gilgamesh community you will find Aureus Knights members and alumni and while things are a bit calmer and low key these days, but we're still having a lot of fun with a solid community.

We are active in all content facets within the game, making sure we have constant groups working together on the latest content and social events to bring everyone together. We are a guild that prides ourselves on being well run and through our planned events you won't find a better community or Free Company in the game. Our guild is active in virtually all time zones however the bulk of our events are planned for EST prime time.

How do I get invited to the Free Company?

To receive an invite you have several options:

  • Ask on Discord or find a member in game, all members have the ability to invite you to the guild and would be happy to get you invited - an officer will subsequently reach out to make sure we get information from you so we can get your trial started
  • Apply in game using either our house sign (we are located at Plot 13 in the 2nd Ward of The Goblet housing zone) or by right clicking on any member in the game and clicking on "Company info"

I'm a new recruit, how do I become a full member?

To become a full member of Aureus Knights recruits need to complete a trial of around two weeks. An officer will contact you in game once you've been invited to the Free Company. If you have started your trial, your rank will be Recruit in the Free Company roster. If your rank is unprocessed in the Free Company, that means your trial has yet to begin. If you are unprocessed and would like to start your trial feel free to contact any officer in the list below.

Officer Team (in-game names)

  • Taas Taru (RJO / Ryan)
  • Daku Lemarus (Daku / Adam)
  • Sarvas Dragonshadow (Sarvas / Dave)

Where do I purchase and download the game?

You can download the game here:

  • Download the PC version here.
  • Download the Mac version here.

You can purchase the game here:

The game is available free to play for the first 60 levels (and includes the Heavansward expansion), which should be ample time to get a feel for the game.  Once you've decided you want to play you can buy the starter version of the game fairly cheap and you're off to the races.

We have a Knowledge Base that you can use to address your frequently asked questions, etc available here: https://kb.aureusknights.com/tag/final-fantasy-xiv/