Lost Ark Chapter Update (Alts and more...)

Lost Ark Chapter Update (Alts and more...)

Hello knights and our other friends who have decided to come along with us on our Lost Ark journey.  One of the things that has most excited me about Lost Ark is the game has a robust guild system with content that’s built to support that system.  There is however a downside to this - one of the things you unlock is guild capacity, and the starting capacity of a guild is 30 characters.  At this point we have more than 30 people planning to play the game, so we’ve had to make a decision on how to proceed.  We want to share that plan with you now:

  • We will be rolling out two guilds at launch
  • Only main characters will be allowed in the guilds to start
  • Alts will not be invited until a later time (more on that below)
  • If you change your main we’ll get you to wait until the weekly guild contribution payout (if you have pending payout from contribution - or you are free to leave ahead of that if you don’t care) and we will then invite your new main
  • We will create an LFG channel in discord for seeking groups, and strongly encourage folks to use discord to form groups instead of guild chat (to try and keep a good flow and experience regardless of what guild you are in)
  • We will level both guilds, but prioritize leveling the primary guild so we can move past these limitations and get the vast majority of folks in one guild.  Eventually the secondary guild will become our alt guild, if that’s required
  • Recruitment will be kept to a minimum (friends of members are always welcome) while we work through this
  • We will likely keep a fairly tight purge criteria of characters in the primary guild - i.e. if you’re offline for two weeks, we are likely to remove you to clear up room.  You will of course be welcome back if you return.

For clarity, we expect the life cycle of this to go like this, as we level up the two guilds:

  1. Main characters only, spread across two guilds
  2. As we level the primary guild we will migrate mains to that guild, utilizing a waitlist
  3. Once we reach a threshold of available space in the secondary guild we will open up spaces to alts

I hope you all find this agreeable - we’ve spent quite a bit of time working through options and think we’ve come up with a good approach that will maximize everyone’s fun and set us up for success in Lost Ark.

This will be a set of temporary measures to get us through the opening weeks, and hopefully let us focus on having fun!