Albion Online Weekly Chapter Update (Week of July 17th)

Welcome to another weekly update of Aurues Knights in Albion Online.  Season 20 continues and we've leveled off in the mid 800s in the guild rankings.  A great showing and a great platform to build on.

I took a bit of a week off administration last week (you'll see the results when I post the Top 10 activity list muwahah) as I was burning the candle at both ends to get the hideout and hideout economy going over the last few weeks.  Accordingly this week's update will be fairly short and to the point.

This week we'll be covering:

  • Internal Economy Update
  • Guild Loot Buy Out
  • Weekly Season Update
  • This Week

Internal Economy Update

The internal economy is going well.  Our market is now fully stocked with essentials and we're monitoring what's being used.  There are resources available for crafters to craft items for guildies and a discord channel for coordination of all of it.

We're still looking for feedback - so if you're finding something is missing from the market, please do let us know in #ao-member-only  on Discord.

We also now have all crafting stations fully upgraded to tier 6, and in addition thanks to donations from CMak we've also got all the refining stations up to Tier 6.  A reminder that refining (everything but Ore, as we have an Ore bonus in the hideout) is much more efficient in the royals at the appropriate bonus town for the resources you want to process.  These stations are provided for if you need them in a snap (i.e. you're missing resources to craft something and want to process them quickly etc)

Guild Loot Buy Out

We're introducing a new program this week as part of the internal economy.  If you have loot at the hideout and don't want to bother bringing it out to the surface the guild will now buy any and all fully repaired loot at 80% of the market value.

We will detail this system over the coming week, but if you'd like to engage this service you can just reach out to an officer and they'll get you squared away.

Weekly Season Update

As I said in the introduction we have leveled off in the guild rankings around 850.  We're going to try and get some more objectives and point generating content into our weekly event plan - you'll see a shift in our approach to Saturday Roams to be more objective and combat oriented going forward.

All of that said though, we're ahead of schedule, we're at our goal for this season already and I think we'll smash into the bronze tier super soon and just keep going from there!  Great work by everyone this season.

Amazing fame work this past week!

This Week

Here are the events for this week:

  • Tuesday 9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC - Fame Night!  We'll be doing oriented activities from our roads hideout.  Based on attendance and comp we might do other things (say static dungeons), but the goal will be fame.
  • Thursday 9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC - ZvZ & Arenas - Come on out to do some ZvZ in lymhurst.  When we get bored of killing dudes in the YZ we'll do some arena practice
  • Saturday 9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC - Saturday Weekly Roam - Put on your primary spec and let's head to the roads and/or black zone to do some objectives and take some fights. Fame is less of a priority on Saturdays, we might do some fame activities but going forward we're going to try and do some murder, objectives and get some season points!

Have yourselves a great week!