Albion Online Weekly Chapter Update (Week of July 10th)

Welcome to the weekly chapter update for Albion Online for Aureus Knights!  I'm going to keep this week's update fairly minimal as I'm trying to have a bit of a lighter admin week this week - the focus on getting the level 3 hideout, internal economy, etc going has been a big burden on my time (very much worth it I think!) so I'm trying to have a "just go enjoy it" week!

This week we'll touch on:

  • Internal Economy Update
  • Arena Team Update
  • Weekly Season Update
  • This Week

Internal Economy Update

We finally this past weekend launched the last step of our Hideout upgrade project, our internal economy.  We now have T4, T5 and T6 resources and enchanting resources that upgrade them all to T7 equivalence accessible in the hideout.

If you want full details on the program you can view them here on the wiki.

The most essential thing to know is that we now have a channel #ao-tradezone on discord where you can request items be crafted.  Crafters now have access to resources that the guild will sell to you (up to 35% below cost in some cases).  This should make your life easier for gearing up at the HO!

Arena Team Update

We've started doing some arena practice and even ran our first Crystal League matches last week.  We'll be posting more details this week on the actual team, when we're going to queue as a guild for Crystal League, etc.

If you are interested in doing Crystal League, the competitive guild vs guild arena system in the game, you can still apply here.

The Crystal League will generate us season points as well as provide us some fun practice for small scale combat, it would be fun to have as many people involved as possible, even if its once and a while for some folks!

Weekly Season Update

We seem to have cemented ourselves in the Top 1000, which is great news!  At the moment we seem to have leveled off around 850-900 rank, which is great.  Looking at how much season is left and the fact that it seems we're increasingly gaining more and more points we'll easily make bronze this season!  Thanks everyone for all the efforts to keep the point total going up and up!

This Week

This week there'll be a couple of things announced/etc during the week.  I anticipate that we will start our next lotto this week, the arena teams/plan should be coming out and I imagine we'll see some tweaks to our internal economy plan.  Stay tuned for all of that!

Our event schedule for this week is:

  • Tuesday - Roads Fame & Roam (Heading out from Hideout around 9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC)
  • Thursday - Static Dungeon Fame Farm Red Zone (Heading out from Lymhurst around 9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC)
  • Saturday - Roads & BZ Roam (Heading out from Hideout around 9pm eastern)
  • Weekend - we are working to confirm with the alliance - but we're thinking daytime on either Saturday or Sunday there will be a bit of a QSV security roam.  More details to come.

That's it, short and sweet this week!  Have a fun week in Albion!