Albion Online Weekly Chapter Update (Week of July 31st)

Time for another edition of the weekly chapter update for Aureus Knights in Albion Online.  This was a bit of a quiet week, its really feeling like mid summer right now.  We'll keep on chugging, so make sure you join us in events.

Weekly Seasonal Update

We've slowed a bit in our guild ranking, in line with our slower activity over the weekend.  We've also mostly all finished the monthly challenge (new one starts today!) so we've been earning less keys from our Guild Challenge.

This Weeks Events

Here are the events for this week:

  • Tuesday 9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC - 4.1 Donkey Training w/ Alliance
  • Thursday 9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC - Fame Farming
  • Saturday 9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC - Roam

Short and sweet for this week as I begin two weeks of vacation - see you in Albion!