Albion Online Weekly Chapter Update (Week 2)

Hello again Knights, it's time for another weekly update.  This was our second week as a formed guild - it's hard to believe we've only been at this two weeks as a group in the game.

Before I get into the recap for the past week I have two news items to share with you, both of which I'm sure you will all be excited about...

Socializing Losses

We are going to trial a new system starting with this week's events - socializing losses during guild events.  During guild events going forward, any deaths that occur in PvP will be insured by the guild up to a limit of 50k to help cover the costs of dying.  We will have more details coming soon on how exactly we'll do this, but for now just put a message in #ao-killboard on Discord after the event and we will get you compensated as soon as we can.

This is possible in small part because of the 5% tax rate that we run, but honestly we couldn't do it without your continued generous donations.  I don't think we will ever want to raise our tax rate, and I think the reason that's possible is because you all continue to be very generous with your silver donations.  Continued silver donations from those of us who can afford it will be the backbone of continuing to find cool and fun ways for us to scale up benefits for our membership.

Fergu Promoted to Officer Team

Fergu has been an essential member of our Albion Online community since the moment we joined the game.  He has been playing the game for a couple of years and his experience has helped us get settled into the game as fast as possible.

I am thrilled to announce that we have approached Fergu to join the Chapter Officer team in Albion and he has agreed!  Fergu is currently living in Australia so he will immediately help provide more officer coverage during periods of the day where our primarily North American based officer team are typically not available. He will also be helping us with diplomacy, events and acting as a subject matter expert for all things Albion Online.

Thanks for agreeing to step up Fergu, I think your going to make a wonderful addition to our team and our Albion Online community is going to continue to benefit from having you around.

Weekly Look Back

This was a very busy and active week within the guild in Albion.  We joined the Here to Stay [SOUR] Alliance, we had many great events and we continued to welcome a bunch of great new members to the guild.

The big news of the week was joining the Here to Stay alliance.  We've already been doing content with them, during our Black Zone roam last night we went and visited their hideout and took down a bunch of content with them at our sides.  If you want to learn more about the alliance, you can see my post on that topic:  

There's a lot more to come on the Alliance front, stay tuned for more details!

This week's events were great and well attended.  We pivoted our event schedule to do group dungeons when SBI added a mid week bonus fame event.  The event went pretty well, but ended pretty hilariously when just as we reached the last floor of the dungeon another guild came and ganked us hard.  It was a fun learning experience.  We also did events in both the Avalon Roads & Black Zones this week.

During our Black Zone Roam this week we managed to take our first castle!

The AKS banner flies above an Outland castle for the first time!

Season Ranking Update

After only two weeks we've been promoted into the Iron bracket for the guild season, and we're knocking on the door of the top 2500 - not bad for a guild who has only played 2 of the 7 weeks of the current season so far.

There was a lot of effort this week by a lot of people to get us here.  Special thank you to: Leavechit for banging out the PvE outland points, oueeouee for killing the gathering game, and all the folks who came out for our events where we managed to gain a tonne of might - it's thanks to you all and all the awesome fun we've been having in the game together that we've been able to progress so fast.

A big thank you to our current top 10 contributors

Since we are iron, we do now qualify for having a headquarters in the Avalon Roads.  We don't have plans for this now, but we are starting to consider where we might put a hideout, etc.

Upcoming Week

This week our event schedule looks as follows:

  • Overworld Dungeon Fame Farm : Tuesday @ 8:30pm eastern
  • Nooner Black Zone Fame Farm : Thursday @ 12:00pm eastern
  • Avalon Roads Exploration : Thursday @ 8:30pm eastern
  • Crystal League Arena : Friday @ 9:00pm eastern
  • Black Zone Roam & Farm : Saturday @ 8:30pm eastern

Overworld Dungeon Fame Farm (Tuesday @ 8:30pm eastern)

Overworld static dungeons are great sources of fame and silver.  This week we're going to dip into the red zones to practice static farming with some element of danger from other players.  The event is capped at 10 players, so make sure to RSVP on discord.

Noon Black Zone Fame Farm (Thursday @ 12:00pm eastern)

For our Euro friends and those in North America looking for a little lunch time fun, we're trying a new event time slot this week!  Come join us at Noon Eastern Time to take on some small group Black Zone roam and farm.

Avalon Roads Exploration (Thursday @ 8:30pm eastern)

Come join us for a night of exploring the Avalon Roads.  We will be looking to farm up some chests and continuing our exploration of the Ava Roads.  We are likely also going to work on engaging small/medium scale PvP fights, to try and learn and grow in that aspect of the game.

Black Zone Roam & Farm (Saturday @ 8:30pm eastern)

Our weekly Black Zone roam timeslot.  This week we grew A LOT in this event, taking on some successful PvP fights, taking down some crystal spiders, and successfully challenging a few small and medium chests.  We will continue to grow and grow with this event as we get more comfortable and flesh out our meta builds.  Come out and gain a load of fame and silver, learn some PvP skills and help level the guild's season rank!

And that's it for this week, thank you all for continuing to contribute to this great chapter, I very much appreciate all the positive energy we've had this week around Albion.