Albion Online Alliance

The Aureus Knights Chapter in Albion Online has joined the Here to Stay [SOUR] alliance!  

We were approached by Southern Mafia, a guild of similar principles as us who have more experience in the Black Zone and PvP side of the game, to form this alliance.  After some discussion amongst the officer team, we did a consultation with Knights and Recruits to get a pulse check and everyone was really excited at the prospect.

We will have more information on alliance events, etc in the coming days but wanted to let you all know this great news for the chapter.  Here's the benefits of this alliance:

  • We will gain access to training and the experience of the Southern Mafia team, who are very experienced in BZ and PvP in general - we will work together with them to level up our PvP game as a group and hopefully open some doors in BZ/PvP content for our us
  • We will be able to work together across our two teams to facilitate hosting events, helping share the load
  • Access to more players at more time slots - we've been working on finding opportunities for our growing European membership to do more content as a group and with the guild, this should open the door to opportunities for our day time playing members (day time in an eastern time zone sense)
  • Alliance chat - we now have an alliance chat channel where we can call on the experience of our new friends for help, to find additional people for running content, etc!
  • Alliance Discord - we will have an alliance discord that is focused on collaborating for alliance events, this should be an asset in getting more people out for BZ activities.

Some questions we've had, that we've answered, but I'll put here just so we make sure everyone sees the answers:

  • Are we paying anything for access to this alliance or is this there any monetary expectation in the game to support this?  No.  We plan on being a valuable member of the alliance, and we will provide resources as required, and as makes sense but that will be done on a case by case basis.  There's been no agreement, change in guild tax, etc as a result of this.
  • Are we worried about poaching, etc?  We're always concious of this when we forming a partnership in games.  We think AKS has a lot to offer in Albion and this is just one way we plan to extend that offering.  
  • Will we be using another discord for alliance activities?  Yes, we're still working out the details and invites, etc will be shared in the future.  We would ask that members continue to primarily use our discord voice channels, text channels, etc for day to day activities, and use the alliance discord when we're running content with the alliance.
  • Are we merging guilds or anything like that?  Not at all - we both will continue to run as two separate guilds.  The game supports formal alliances, so we will have an alliance chat where we can plan and collab.
  • What are the expectations of Aureus Knights in the alliance?  The only expectation of us is to be an active and enthusiastic participant in the alliance in general and the events in particular.  As per usual and per our charter, the idea for us to have fun always - so no one HAS to participate in anything, but if you want to, you will have the option.

That's it - this is really exciting news that I think opens a whole new door for us in Albion.  We look forward to taking on the black zones with our new friends in SOUR/Southern Mafia and think this will be a great new way to have fun together in Albion!