World of Warcraft Update

On October 13th the World of Warcraft Shadowlands pre-patch will be launching in anticipation of the upcoming (release date TBD) Shadowlands expansion.  There's some exciting things in this pre-patch: leveling is changing and being streamlined, classes are being given a lot of their class flavour back and the usual range of core systems updates that come with an expansion and its pre-patch.  If you'd like to learn more there's pre-patch notes here.

But what's happening with the guild?  As of the pre-patch on October 13th our WoW guild will become an active chapter again.    There are two ways to participate with us in World of Waracraft!

1) Join us on Emerald Dream as the Alliance faction

We are ALLIANCE on the EMERALD DREAM server and would love to see you join us.  We're hoping to do Mythic+ and maybe raiding if we get enough interest!  Because alts are such a big part of the expansion and pre-patch even if your main is Horde or another server we'd strongly encourage you to roll an Alliance alt with us on Emerald Dream!

2) Join our Community

All Knights should join our community regardless of faction, or even if you're playing WoW or not.  It's a good place to coordinate, Blizzard games.  If you're not on our server, this community will allow us to do cross realm dungeons, etc.  You can join by clicking here.

Hopefully we'll see you back in World of Warcraft soon!