SWTOR Event - Guild Flagship Launch

SWTOR Event - Guild Flagship Launch

SWTOR Knights!  We've managed to save up enough credits to purchase our guild flagship!  Our guild Flagship will give us a base of operations in game (a player house) as well as giving us additional bonuses and allowing us to take part in planet invasions as a guild!  

But!  We need to kick this thing off in style, so we'll be launching our ship tomorrow (Sunday January 12th) at 9pm Eastern Time.

Guild Event:
Sunday January 12th @ 9pm Eastern
Where: Meet on Republic Fleet (Satele Shan server)
What: Launch our guild Flagship, take some screenshots and do some group content

Come help us launch the guild Flagship and we'll do something fun after we launch, get some screenshots, etc.

Special thanks to our donors - ehos, Kowh, RJO/Taas, Sarvas, Simon, and Taco