Now Recruiting for Albion Online

Albion Knights! I wanted to let you know that we are now officially in recruiting mode for Albion Online.

When we started this trial chapter I wasn't sure what we'd find - we knew very little about the game and it had some of that crowfall-ish-kickstarter game energy about it, that gave us some anxiety.  For me, personally, this is the first time in many years I've found a game that gives me the sandbox-y goodness - I know I'm the conductor of the hype train around here, but genuinely I feel like I'm 14 playing UO again.

So let's talk recruiting - our goal is to build up our Albion community to the point that we can do whatever we want to do in the game... want to run a 5v5 hellgate?  Let's have the people online for that.  Wanna get 20 people online to get revenge because Simon was just ganked with 1.2m on him in the Black Zone?  Yeah, let's build a squad for that.

My goal isn't to build a mega chapter of the level of FFXIV, it's more something medium sized, that could reasonably present value to an Alliance in the Black Zones where maybe that's some content we could participate in and get some of that good Zerg v Zerg feel back in our lives.

BUT.  I cannot do this alone.  Remember our recruiting slogan: Recruiting is our lifeblood, and we need YOU to help.  Here are the things you can do to help:

Recruit! When you're out in the world, if you are grouping with someone you are vibing with who is unguilded just toss a little message in party chat.  Something like "hey - if you're ever looking for a guild my guild Aureus Knights is recruiting".  No pressure, no overtop sales job, just offer people who seem like they might be a fit the option

Bump! We now have a recruitment thread on the official forums here:  Check in on this thread every few days and if there hasn't been a post in a day or two, give it a gentle QUALITY bump.  Don't just throw a BUMP on it, add a little message.  Share something we've done, share a screenshot of something we've done.  Give people a reason to be excited

Upvotes! We have a reddit recruitment thread here: Give that badboy an upboat

Chat! If you're in chat in game and see someone LFGuild and they seem like they might be a fit, pop them a tell and ask them to put in an application.

If you're on the official discord the #lfg-west chat often has people looking for guilds, reach out to them.

I think that's it for now.  I look forward to continuing to grow in Albion Online with you all!