Member of the Month - Taco

Member of the Month - Taco

The Guild Officer team would like to thank Taco for all her many contributions to our community in Final Fantasy XIV.  In recognition of these contributions we would like to give her the Member of the Month Award!

The Member of the Month Award is given to a Knight who has gone above and beyond to contribute to the success of the guild.

If you have been to our FC house recently you will have seen the product of her biggest contribution - the FC house redesign!  Taco took the lead on redesigning the inside and outside of the house and has done a wonderful job, a job that has reignited the mansion lawn as the-place-to-be for members new and old.

The FC house has long been the social hub of our guild in Final Fantasy XIV and since we’ve been back in force the last few months it was starting to fall a little into disuse.  The redesign has completely brought people back to the house and the design itself is a wonderful fresh coat of paint that is a joy to hang around.

Taco’s contributions go well beyond the house.  Taco has been an asset in organizing and contributing to events (formal and informal), she has been an advocate for socialization within the FC (in particular being the anchor for getting people in voice chat) and has been a bright presence on a regular basis throughout the last few months.

Thank you Taco for everything you’ve done for the guild in Final Fantasy XIV!  You are a model of what it is to be a contributing member of our community.