Lost Ark Week 3 Update

Good afternoon Knights!  Welcome to third week update for our Lost Ark chapter.  I wanted to provide some updates on what’s happening in and around the guild in Lost Ark.

Guild Leveling & Research

Thank you all so much for continuing to contribute to the daily donations and weekly quests to drive leveling of the guild.  If you’re not clear on what you can do to help here check out this video to see details on what you can do contribute

This week’s research is running in both Aureus Knights (AK) and Aureus Gaming (AG).  Both guilds are actively researching Guild Shop Level 2 and opening an additional weekly task slot (so we can a combat or ship related task alongside our gathering tasks).  Please remember to go in and “support research” in the guild UI.  It will speed the research up and give you bloodstones to spend in the guild shop.

This weeks weekly tasks are:
AK: Fishing
AG: Logging

Changes to Guild Contribution Minimums

We have seen an average contribution of 260 per member in both AK and AG.  As a result I’ve walked up the requirements to be a minimum of 150 contribution and a target of 200 contribution in order to get bloodstone payouts.  This will hopefully encourage folks to keep doing their daily guild chores (seriously - you guys have been crushing it) and reward those who are engaged in doing so.  These thresholds are relatively easy to hit.

Payout of bloodstones remains set to 50/50 (50% for the guild, 50% for contributing members).  It is my intention to keep us at this level for a little while longer to allow the guild to stockpile and make sure we’re able to afford research going forward.  It is our intention to slowly start walking the member distribution percentage upward over the coming weeks once we start knocking out our initial research goals.

Inactive Characters

In order to best utilize our guild capacity (in terms of numbers of members - we’re currently limited to 34 members per guild) we will for the time being purge out members who have been inactive 14 or more days.  Anyone who meets this criteria at the moment has already talked to me (and basically said to use up their spot, as they don’t intend to play), but I wanted to put this out there for everyone so its clear when you start to see folks purged out.  No drama, just logistics.

Processing of Membership Trials

We’ve had many great new comers to our community since Lost Ark has gone live and we’re thrilled to have you all join us.  As we’re coming up on the two week mark I just wanted to let you know we will start processing your full memberships (making you blue on discord!) very soon.

Stay Social!

I know it’s been hard for some folks to keep in touch in game, because the UI makes it super easy to miss guild messages (make sure you have a guild tab on your chat bar!) so I wanted to make sure to encourage everyone to make the best use out of Discord that you can.  #la-chat is continually busy with folks chatting about the game and helping each other out and I hope now that people are starting to stabilize in T2 and even T3 that we’ll see more people making use of #la-lfg to put together groups.

Merging Guilds Update

And finally I just wanted to touch on this because I get asked a couple times a week “hey, when can I get into the main guild?”.  At the moment we’re still in a position where the guild member caps will not allow us to have everyone together in one guild.  Until such a time as we can have all mains in one guild THERE IS NO PRIMARY OR SECONDARY GUILD, both Aureus Knights and Aureus Gaming are considered equal and the use of Discord is strongly encouraged to bridge any divide between the two.  We might be at some point in March in a position to bring all mains in to Aureus Knights, but we will see how that plays out.  I will continue to update folks on the situation in these updates whenever things evolve.

That’s about it for this week.  Thank you everyone for a great start in Lost Ark, I hope we keep on having fun together in Arkesia!