Lost Ark Chapter Update May 2022

Hello Knights!  I hope your spring is going well.  I wanted to provide an update on our Lost Ark Chapter.  Overall the chapter has been a bit slower lately, as we've come off the post release high, but we still have a solid core playing the game and I'm glad to see you all having fun together with the game still.

Events and Officers

There's been some talk on discord about events and folks playing together.  I would strongly encourage ANYONE to create events and try and get your fellow knights together for some content.  To create an event on discord type /event and make sure you select the "Create a new Apollo event" option.  You will then get a private message that will walk you through setting up an event members can RSVP to.  We will advertise your event in the MOTD and in our various social media channels as well.

In a similar vein, we are a bit thin officer wise in the game and I would love to hear from anyone who would like to volunteer to inject some more coverage and attention on to the chapter.  If you're interested you can reach out to RJO/Taas on Discord.

Alts and Alt Guild

Now that the population has leveled off we can proceed to move further along with consolidating all mains into Aureus Knights.  If your main is still in Aureus Gaming feel free to move your character to Aureus Knights - you will find the password on Discord to join the guild.

We have SOME room for alts in Aureus Knights as well - My ask is this: only add alts to the guild that will help contribute to our guild XP.  So those are characters you are willing to run guild weekly tasks on and login daily to donate, etc.

If you have questions, come ask in Discord.

That's all for now - thank you all for your continued contributions to our community, and I'll see you in Arkesia!