Forums Closing

Forums Closing

You might notice that is starting to get a fresh coat of paint.  As part of a redesign of our online presence we have made the difficult decision to close down our forums.  We have done this for a few reasons:

  1. Our community, and online gaming communities at large have changed how they interact and connect online.  It's no secret that Discord has become an essential part of our community and much of the socializing we do now happens there.  Discord has really made an improvement to how we keep in touch and how close our community can be.
  2. Our website, using our forum software as a backend, was holding us back.  Our website was ugly, and it wasn't our fault!  Our community is made up of several talented web designers who have been dying to get their hands on our site.  Because of our VBulletin back end it just wasn't possible to achieve a web site design we were satisfied with.  As part of the closure of these forums we'll be launching a brand new and very exciting  We have some very ambitious and progressive changes planned and we hope you'll enjoy them.

We hope you'll understand.  These forums are part of the pantheon of online gaming.  This has been a community hub for the largest, most active and dare I say best guild in several games over the years.  We will be leaving an archive of these forums available as we do not want to lose that history we treasure so much.

There's new and exciting things on the horizon and I hope we'll see you all move forward with us in whatever shape our little family takes in the future.  Please join us on the newly redesigned (albeit work in progress for now)

The archive of the forums is currently available here until we can find it a better home on the domain.

Thank you on behalf of the Officer team while we transition to our new site design!