Final Fantasy XIV Chapter Updated May 2022

Hello Knights!  I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the coming spring weather.  I wanted to update everyone on what's happening in Final Fantasy XIV.

We've seen a ramp up in activity the last few weeks, and it's good to see folks back in Eorzea again.  There was a slight lull after everyone burned the midnight oil through Endwalker and a bit of a diversion towards Lost Ark, but it appears that patch 6.1 has brought many of us back.  We hope to see you all again soon in Eorzea!


We're starting up events again, and as we see more and more activity we will ramp up even more.  We currently have a weekly Tuesday night treasure map event running every Tuesday.  We've been having a lot of fun, and some of us, not me (my portal luck has been epic levels of terrible), have even made some really tasty profits.  It's nice to have a weekly cornerstone to hang out and we've been having fun.

Lot's more to come, hopefully we will see you in game soon!

FC Store & Donation Requests

Are you looking for Thav onions to level up your chocobos?  Well good news, we've been getting our gardens churning out onions and we're ready to share the love.  We will be selling them for 100k, a significant discount from the 140k market board price.  Details will be available on Discord later this week.

In order to help our gardening efforts we need donations of Grade 3 Thanlan Topsoil!  If you have spare poetics, you can use them to buy the topsoil and donate to the FC chest!


We've got some really good prizes stored up (Thav onions, chair mount, Zu mounts and more!) and in order to spread the love we're going to run a lotto later this week.  Keep an eye on Discord for details!


Now that we have a solid compliment of folks in game regularly, I want to turn up the dial on recruiting again.  If you have any friends who are looking for an FC please share the AKS love and see if you can get your friends to join us.  We'll also have threads for bumping, etc so swing by Discord to see what you can do to aid with recruitment.

And that's it - it's great to be back in Eorzea full time and hopefully we'll see you there!