FFXIV Lotto Results and Screenshot Contest

We've had a busy couple of weeks in FFXIV and I wanted to update on our recent lotto draw and a screenshot contest that's starting today!

Over the last two weeks we've been running a 50/50 lotto and today we've done the drawing!  We sold ~70 tickets for this lotto and ended up, with donations from Daku and BlueRider, bringing 5m gil!  Meaning we had a total prize pot of 2.5m.  We also had a second place drawing for a Zu mount.

Congrats to Morgnarok on winning the 2.5m gil and to Taco for winning the Zu mount!

Now we're turning our attention to our Screenshot Contest!  We've launched an #xiv-screenshot channel on Discord, and in order to help promote it we're running a contest from now until October 10th where anyone who posts a screenshot in the channel will be entered into a drawing (limit of 5 tickets per person) for a Zu mount!  We also will be doing a vote to see what everyone's favourite screenshots are and the person with the most loved screenshot will also receive a Zu mount.

For more details check out the pinned posts in #xiv-screenshots