FFXIV Fall 2021 Screenshot Contest Result

FFXIV Fall 2021 Screenshot Contest Result

Hello knights - thank you to everyone who submitted a screenshot for or voted in our screenshot contest!  After a couple weeks of screenshot submissions and voting we're happy to announce the results!

A reminder that we have two winners to announce:
1) a final six short list was voted on for favourite screenshot of all those submitted, the person who submitted the favourite screenshot will win our first prize
2) a random person was selected from all those who submitted screenshots will win our second prize

First I'm happy to announce we have a tie for favourite screenshot!  Congratulations to PewPew and Kizna for their winning submissions (shown below)

PewPew's submission
Kizna's submission

Both PewPew and Kizna have won a Zu mount!  Congrats to you both.

With that bit of business done we move on to the drawing for bonus prize.  Reminder that everyone who submitted a screenshot was eligible for this drawing.

Congrats to K'larnya and Mysiana (we decided to do two drawings for this!) for winning the random prize draw!  They have both won a Zu mount.

Please reach out to Taas/RJO to collect your prizes.

Thank you everyone for playing along and please remember if you ever have screenshots to share, make sure you post them in #xiv-screenshots on Discord!