Knowledge Base and Apollo Event Bot

We have some exciting new features being added to the guild today!  One of the struggles of running a guild in the Discord era is building a set of community tools that hangs together cohesively that people will actually use.  

We took steps last year by deprecating the forums to start to reinitialize the social experience in Aureus Knights to be built around Discord and this new site.  Today we're taking steps forward in that evolution to offer a more full set of tools.

Today we're happy to introduce Knowledge Base and the Apollo event bot on Discord.

Probably the biggest thing we lost when we wound down the forums, was an easy to use centralized place to post guides, reference material and links to helpful resources for games.  By introducing we're hoping to provide a resource that makes all those discord stickies and shared bookmarks a little easier to navigate.

If you're interested in helping to curate this information, or to write guides, etc please let RJO know on Discord and we'll see what you can do to help.

We're also pleased to be adding Apollo event bot to our Discord server.  We're hoping that folks can use this bot (which has a nice guided event creation experience and many other great features) to help plan events and get others involved.  If you'd like to learn how to create an event we've created a Knowledge Base article to help!  You can find that here or you can simply type "e_event" in the bots channel to start the event creation wizard.

Once your event is created it will be posted in the #events channel and everyone in the guild will be able to RSVP, etc.  There will be reminders sent for events as well.

Hopefully these new features will be helpful resources in the months of gaming ahead.