Division 2 Clan Is Live!

Division 2 Clan Is Live!

And we are live in The Division 2!  It's looking like this might be one of the busier games we've seen in a while as a guild and I would strongly encourage you pop into Discord and get involved.

What is The Division 2?

Getting in the Clan/Guild

In order to get in the clan you must unlock the clan system by completing the first two story missions (Grand Washington Hotel followed by ViewPoint Museum).  Once you complete these missions you will need to go to the Theater settlement and talk to Grace Larson, at which point she will join your staff back at the White House and unlock the Clan System for you.

Once the Clan System is unlocked you can hit escape, click on the clan box, search for Aureus Knights and request to join the guild!

The Clan System

The Clan System is exciting because it will allow us to work on collective objectives (weekly and daily quests), access to a unique vendor and more.  In order to take a look at what is available, check out the clan office in the White House (see map)

We'll have more on The Division 2 in the coming days and weeks, hopefully we'll see you in Washington DC!