Discord Update

Knights  - We’ve just finished rolling out a new organization structure for our discord server.  These days our community is a mix of long term friends hanging out, folks who play FFXIV & our other MMO chapters, and our casual community who plays whatever FPS, MOBA or strategy game that is hot on a given Tuesday.

Discord has introduced many interesting features since we last iterated on our channel structure, and frankly we’ve grown and evolved as a community since then as well.  We thought it was important to take stock and make sure our Discord was doing as much work as it could for us, especially since in a post-forum era our Discord represents a significant portion of what our community actually is.

Here is a summary of the changes, if you have questions please let me know.

  • Channels have been compressed and should be more streamlined
  • We’ve removed the vast majority of our voice channels, and are moving to a temporary voice channel model.  If you’re looking to play a game and want a voice channel, join the channel “Create Temporary Voice Channel” in the Community category.  This will create a channel for you, and everyone logs out for the night, the channel will clean itself up.  I will put up a short video soon about commands you can use to rename the channel, etc
  • Voice Channels are now in the Community category, much closer to the top.  The goal here is that if knights are going to be playing games together, that will be immediately apparent to everyone else on the server.  We hope this will encourage folks to pop in a channel and see what happens.  Try out Discord’s screen streaming option (its super low resource usage in our experience) and you can have folks follow along while you play and chat
  • The media and photos channel have been merged into the “share-stuff”.  Please continue to share your personal photos, your nonsense links from around the web, and more.  We’re a community of friends, and we want to know the cool stuff you’re doing, working on, reading or thinking about.

We’ll have more coming to Discord soon - I’ve already got plans to add some games/activity stuff to the Discord and we’ll see what takes (the return of Pokemon is imminent!) Thanks for reading and being a member of our community - if you have any feedback (we want to keep iterating on this!) please reach out and we’ll do what we can to make this the best community we can.

-Ryan/RJO on behalf of the Guild Officer Team