Discord Reaction Role Updates

Hello Knights!

We've made some adjustments to our reaction roles in ⁠the roles channel on Discord.  Please take a look at your discord roles and make sure you have anything that is relevant to you checked.

Added Albion Online Player and Albion LFG roles
Added Apex Legends specific LFG role
Added AKS Casual LFG role - this will be used to ping folks anytime we're doing random nonsense - sign up for this one if you want to be notified when we're playing whatever casual games

Deleted some dated roles

Just as a reminder, we have two types of game specific roles on our discord server:

Game Player - a role that no one but officers can ping.  We use these roles to notify interested parties for bigger events, etc that are relevant to a given game.  These roles also let you show off in your profile what games you are interested in in general

LFG roles - these roles ARE available to ping by everyone on the server.  If there's a game you don't want to miss a group for, sign up for these roles.  We will also use these roles to ping when we create new events, etc relevant to the game