Crowfall Dregs Campaign

Crowfall Dregs Campaign

We've been following Crowfall for quite some time now and have been excited about the game.  Development has been a bit slow going and it's been difficult to determine when we should start to pump the gas pedal and start getting excited for the game.

This week is looking like a decent milestone in that hunt, as Crowfall is currently running a week long Dregs (Guild v Guild v Guild) campaign after the game went into Alpha officially last week.

What does this mean for us?  Knights are starting to slowly file in to the game and we're going to be looking at turning our full chapter on very soon.  During this initial Alpha Dreg Campaign however we are running with bigger and bigger groups and we strongly encourage you to consider buying the game and getting involved.  

Starting this week we'll be looking at turning on recruiting and starting to run events.  We've also started work on building out our Discord channels to facilitate this game, since PvP games require a bit more structure to pull off coordination and maximizing the fun.

We'll have more about Crowfall soon, but for now it's a good time to hop on discord and get involved!