Crowfall Chapter Update

Crowfall Chapter Update

Things are starting to get interesting in the world of Crowfall!  If you haven't read about our Crowfall chapter you should probably go do that first and if somehow you aren't really sure what Crowfall is you should go learn about the game.

Just this past week Crowfall started its first testing campaign in anticipation of "sanctioned" campaigns starting in January.  Aureus Knights will be kicking off its chapter into full gear when those sanctioned campaigns begin (with planned events, full officer team, etc) and I'll likely be sending out an email and doing a full social media push when that kicks off, so be ready for it.

In the meantime there is a lot of fun to be had on the pre-alpha servers for those who have access (you can pre-purchase the game here to get access).  We have a handful of members who have been involved in the test campaigns.  Just this past week a few of us took the first fort for AKS!

Crowfall is shaping up to be an exciting looking PvP game, the type of game like Warhammer Online where historically we've thrived and had quite a bit of fun.  This is a game where your guild experience makes or breaks the game and we're hoping to bring our fun approach to the game.

Stay tuned here on the website or hop on Discord for the latest.