Crowfall Chapter Update

Hey Crowfall interested Knights!  I wanted to provide an update on the status of our chapter, in light of Beta starting tomorrow.

We had anticipated and communicated that this would be the point we would start to really ramp up guild activities in Crowfall, we also thought the beta would be coming in the Fall after another patch or two.  In order to not shoot our shot with the game and to make sure we maintain our enthusiasm we likely will not be going all out until later in the beta, more in line with our original Fall timeline.

I anticipate maybe hosting irregular events over the coming weeks (follow #events in Discord) but once we announce we're off to full chapter mode in the weeks and months ahead we'll be doing more regular events and running the chapter full on.

I'll have more information about what's going to happen when as the development timeline continues to evolve.  Keep tuned in to Discord and feel free to let me know if there any questions.