Aureus Knights Returning to Final Fantasy XIV

Aureus Knights Returning to Final Fantasy XIV

Thank you to the large number of you who filled out our recent FFXIV member survey.  We were using that survey to determine if there was enough interest in Final Fantasy XIV to warrant a return of our FFXIV chapter.  In what was probably one of the most responded to surveys we've ever run, we heard loud and clear:

Final Fantasy XIV is a game you guys love and want to play and there's a lot of love and desire to recapture some of that Aureus Knights magic in the game

So with that in mind and after a unanimous vote from the Guild Officers, Aureus Knights will be returning to FFXIV.  In the coming days we'll be unlocking the FC and the FC house (we had previously locked it all down to make sure the house and the FC were not lost or hijacked) and opening the FC up for invites to get you Knights back in.

Here's some essential information, with more to come as we get our normal FAQs up on the site etc:

  • Ryan "RJO" will be the chapter sponsor with help as always from the entire team
  • We will be looking for new officers to help with running events and keeping the fun going!  More to come soon...
  • We will be looking to ramp up recruiting immediately to bring some new blood in while at the same time doing a bunch of campaigns to draw back our OG members
  • Our goal here is FUN, to maximize what we can get out of the game.  This is going to be an old school / classic AKS chapter built around events, socialization and using our organization skills to make the game more fun for you all

There's a lot more to come, but I hope you all are as excited as we are to see the AKS tag in FFXIV again.  The best place to get the latest is Discord and keep checking back here on the site.  This will be our first full chapter since the new site launched, so we'll be doing a lot of activity here!