Albion Online Weekly Chapter Update (Week 5)

Welcome to a slightly delayed weekly update for the Albion Online chapter of Aureus Knights - my apologies, it was a holiday in Canada and I spent yesterday with the family and took the day off guild admin

Week 4 is in the bag and it was a great success.  It was a week full of action, we hosted 5 events and it felt like something was happening pretty much all the time last week.  For me the highlight was our roads events on Thursday (both the afternoon EU and evening NA events) when we managed to get some of our first PvP kills and brought in a load of loot for participants!

We also saw our first ZvZ practice with our alliance partners - it was a lot of fun and I think we all learned a lot.

What's happening...

Guild Lotto - we're running a Fame Book lotto - tickets cost 100k each and proceeds go towards building up our Guild Armory and to help fund our first guild hideout.  First prize is 50 fame books, second prize is 25 and third place rewards 10 fame books!  To purchase a ticket check out the #ao-lotto channel on Discord.

Looking for officers - in the coming days we'll be posting an application for chapter officers for Albion Online.  In particular we are looking for folks to organize and run EU time zone events and help with our recruiting admin.  Keep an eye out if you're interested in helping the chapter grow and thrive.

Season update...

We made great progress in leveling up the guild this week we climbed from 1891 overall to 1738.  Based on our current size/activity level we should be around 1300th place by my math, so considering we've had half the time other guilds have had, I'd say we've been crushing it!

Big congrats to Oue for cracking the 1m guild member contribution mark!

This week's events...

We have a busy week ahead, including two alliance events, here's what we've got this week:

Tuesday - 7:30pm eastern muster, 8:00pm eastern departure (23:30/00:00 UTC) - Black Zone Roam w/ Alliance (1300 recommended IP, should aim for minimum tier 7 gear (7.0, 6.1, 5.2, 4.3))
Thursday - 8:30pm eastern / 00:30 UTC - Static Dungeon Farm (Red Zone)
Friday - 1:30pm eastern / 17:30 UTC - Roads Roam
Friday - 8:00pm eastern / 00:00 UTC - Ava Skip w/ Alliance (Details on how that works here.)
Saturday - 8:00pm eastern / 00:00 UTC - Black Zone Roam w/ Alliance (1300 recommended IP, should aim for minimum tier 7 gear (7.0, 6.1, 5.2, 4.3))

And there we go - have a good week in Albion!