Albion Online Weekly Chapter Update (Week of June 26th)

Welcome to the weekly Aureus Knights Albion Online chapter update.  This was our first week of Season 20 and I think it's safe to say we got off to a flying start!

This week we crushed it in the season points department (more details below, but spoiler we got 1/4 of our total seasonal points from last season in one week).  This crushing it was really reflected in the events we had this week.  We managed to get a lot of gear transported out to the hideout, we had a static farm event where we managed to take out an entire ganking squad, and a whole lot more.  It was a heck of a week for the guild.

Let's get into the update!  Today we'll be covering:

  • Hideout Update
  • Hideout Economy
  • Crafting/Refining/Gathering Roster
  • Season 20 Update
  • This Week

Hideout Update

I think it's fair to say that the hideout has been an absolute game changer for us, I hope you will agree.  This week we managed to run a few great events out of there, had nightly activity and even managed to level the hideout up to level 2.  We also managed to get the crafting stations up to T5!

Our hope was that a Level 2 HO would be enough to be able to start to really stimulate an internal economy where the guild could help seed resources for our crafters to fulfil orders so we could fully gear out of the Hideout.  Unfortunately we've determined that that is not possible using upgraded materials.  What we need to do to get the T7 equivalent gear that we want is being able to enchant the gear that is crafted by our crafters using base resources (from a cost perspective - Arejayoh has endless math he can share with you about why this is - good bye random Saturday in June :D)

So thanks to donations from Moyaks in particular, Der for all of his work on providing nuitrition and everyone's general generosity in general we've decided to go ahead with upgrading the hideout to level 3, which will unlock among other things the enchanter that will allow us to upgrade gear.  You'll see more details below about how we plan to fuel our economy.

Before I get into that though I should make clear that we do have an auction house now with our Tier 2 upgrade. I would encourage you to utilize it to sell your loot to hopefully help supply your guild mates!  

Additionally you can now access the energy manipulator to spend your favor points, and have access to tier 5 crafting station for all gear types (we will be upgrading them all to tier 7 minimum over the coming days)

Hideout Economy

One of the complications of having a Roads hideout is making sure you have a supply chain robust enough to ensure everyone has access to the gear they need to play the game, and that you can safely get your loot in and out of the hideout!

Ensuring a reliable supply of gear...

Our best econ minds have been modeling several different approaches to the problem of making sure we have gear of adequate quality and quantity available in the hideout. We have landed on the following approach.

We will be ensuring a reliable supply of resources for crafting and enchanting will be made available in the Hideout's auction house.  These will be made available for a fixed price set based on the cost required to generate those resources.  We will update these prices periodically based on changes to supply (i.e. when we're starting up we anticipate the raw resources will be sourced via buy orders - over time we anticipate that loot splits, donations, etc would become more and more of the mix, thus dropping the cost).

Those resources can then be used by our crafters to make gear that you require, we will add a forum on discord where members can request specific supplies from crafters. Additionally the guild will post weekly requests for supplies we would like to seed the market with, ensuring that key items are always available for members in the Guild HO market.

We will post specific details on this as soon as the hideout upgrade to level 3 is complete and we've got the refined and enchanting resources available for sale, this should be around the start of this coming weekend.

We will be looking for assistance with refining this week, so if you are a refiner keep an eye out for call outs for help!

Ensuring reliable movement of personal goods...

The other side of the supply chain coin is the handling of loot going out of the roads and gear/supplies going in for individuals.  We are currently running several micro events a week to help people move goods around, but not everyone is able to attend or is around when that happens.

To help facilitate the movement of goods for everyone we'd like to trial two ideas:

For getting loot out of the hideout the guild would buy out a lot of loot for 75% of market value, in line with our split buy out rates.

For getting gear into the hideout the guild would offer gear shuttle service.  We would assign you a chest on the guild island that only you would have access to and we would deliver to a chest in the hideout with the same permissions. We would not be able to guarantee your gear safely arriving we would however take every precaution for the runs (scouts, close roads, etc)

Both of these services are just ideas at this point, so let us know if you have any ideas to improve these services or if you'd be interested in them.

We will be posting more details as we get ready to implement this.  

For all of these guild economy items please keep an eye out this week for details, we will be putting out wiki articles and details as we get closer to going live!

Crafting/Refining/Gathering Roster

In anticipation of stimulating the inner guild economy as detailed above, we've put together a Crafting/Refining/Gathering roster on the Wiki.  If you are either a crafter, a gatherer or a refiner and willing to help out your fellow guildies with gear, with processing resources for the guild, etc... please add yourself!

You can head over to the wiki here and edit the article with your details, you can follow the examples I've added with my own characters.  If you have trouble with adding yourself to the wiki, let us know on Discord and we can help by adding your details.

Season 20 Update

What a start to the season!  In just one week we've managed to clock 1000 points and achieved Iron ranking.  Amazing contributions from so many people got us here - thank you all!

The hideout really has upped our capacity for making might and completing objectives, as you'll see below.

A great first week
Absolutely crushing the Guild Challenge
The over 100k club!
Power cores are tasty tasty might
Really, across the board amazing work on objectives.

This Week

This week we'll be working on getting the Hideout upgraded to level 3 so we can start to really get an economy going.  In addition there will likely be a few supply runs throughout the week depending on good road conditions - keep an eye out on Discord for popup events specifically for supplying the Hideout, both for the guild and for everyone else to get gear, etc in!

Keep in mind that these planned events are NOT the only thing we have going on.  Even if there are no events check in game, in discord and in alliance chat to see what folks are up there - there's a lot of game to play on non-event nights!

Here are the planned events for this week:

  • Tuesday - Static Dungeon Farm (9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC)
  • Thursday - Roads / BZ Roam from Hideout (9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC)
  • Saturday - Roads Roam (9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC)
  • Sunday - Static Dungeon Farm (1:30pm eastern / 17:30 UTC)

Please keep in mind that we'll be doing impromptu events for supplying the hideout when there are good defensible open roads to the HO!