Albion Online Weekly Chapter Update (Week of June 19th)

Hello Knights - time for your weekly chapter update for Albion Online!  This past weekend marked the start of Season 20 - it's already been so exciting to see us going into our first full season, with our own HO and some great momentum.

Last week was a momentous week for us - we placed our own hideout in the Roads, giving us our own home to run out of, and I think we've all been enjoying it immensely.

Here is what we'll be covering in today's update:

  • Here to Stay Alliance Update
  • Southern Mafia Hideout Update
  • Season 20 Guiding Principles & Goals
  • Roads Hideout Details
  • QSV Alliance
  • This Week

Here to Stay Alliance Update

I do need to start today's post with some sad news - Southern Mafia, the lead guild in our Here to Stay alliance has decided that they are going to change their focus to small scale content and are looking to pull back from alliance content.

This is big news for us - Southern Mafia has been a tremendous partner, helping us get settled into the game.  We wish them all the best going forward and we do plan to keep in touch and hopefully run content together in the future.

Southern Mafia Hideout Update

But first - I wanted to address a logistical challenge that the dissolution of our alliance creates.  Southern Mafia intends to allow us continued access to their hideout, I would however recommend that you evaluate what you have there and decide what you want to bring back to Lymhurst or to our Roads Hideout.

To accommodate moving inventory out of their hideout, we will be running an event tonight to scout routes to transport goods out of the Southern Mafia HO to Lymhurst.  If you have gear you want to get out of their HO, join us tonight at 9pm eastern / 1:00 UTC.

Season 20 Guiding Principles & Goals

Our alliance dissolving and the start of season 20 have both combined to really give us a moment to pause and reflect on what we want the the guild to be for this season and going forward.  We've been talking amongst the officer team and been consulting in the #member-only channel on Discord to try and come up with what comes next.  What follows is where we've be landed.

Aureus Knights in Albion Online will be a friendly and inviting community that's willing to work together with players of any experience level to get the most out of the game.  Our content alignment is focused around small to medium group sized content, which means our content goals are primarily focused on the Roads (PvP and PvE), Static Dungeon Farming, Faction Warfare, and playing the economy.

Our goal is to continue growing as a group and getting comfortable with the full loot nature of the game, to really feel comfortable in this new home.  That comfort takes many forms, beyond just being comfortable with dying and losing your stuff.  We also need to help grow everyone's personal economies to the point that they can easily take losses, etc.

I also would like to see us less event focused going forward - that doesn't mean we're playing less together or even immediately seeing a reduction in the number of events we have.  What I've found in the recent weeks is there's a lot of people who just log in for events, play the event, and then log out.  My hope is now that we have a Hideout and base of operations that we'll just "do stuff" together.  The roads offer a lot of content (gathering, small group PvP and PvE, etc) - so let's start putting messages in discord and in game saying "hey I'm going to do X, anyone wanna come".

This means that there will be less of a burden on me to feel the need to run events, and honestly means that everyone should feel empowered to be the one who gets the content going.  The roads really do scale beautifully - if you are solo, there's something to do, if there's 3 of you, something to do... etc etc.  

I'm hoping this new approach will feel organic, fun and importantly be something that you want to be a part of.  If you have feedback, do please continue to share that on Discord or to me directly.  This is not set in stone, just a set of guiding principles to move forward.

Season 20 Goals

Just before I wrap up the future looking / guide post stuff, I thought it would be fun to share what I think our hard goals for season 20 are:

  • Upgrade our HO to level 2
  • Get our Hideout stocked to the point we can easily live out of there without restriction
  • Finish in the Top 1000 as a guild
  • Have nightly content groups kicking ass, whether there is an event or not
  • Get a Crystal Arena team started

Roads Hideout Details

Our Roads hideout is located in Qiitun-Si-Vynsom.  There is more details on the location on the wiki here.

We are working on a more formal alliance (more details below), but for now you should find that Three Horsemen, Grace du Lyon and Blutmond are NAP (non aggression pact).  If you are killed by any member of these guilds, please let me know right away.  Importantly, it is best to avoid these guilds around objectives, power cores in particular, until such a time that we've squared away a couple of logistical issues with them.

There is a guild Aenete in the North corner who you should be careful of.  They are very active on the weekends and can be quite aggressive, otherwise the zone is fairly peaceful.

The big question most people have is "how do we get there" - the best way to answer that question is to access our Portaler instance, which will give you a full map of the area.  We are also continually sharing intel in the #ao-members-only channel on discord.  To access the portaler you need to get the Poraler Access role in discord in channel #roles.

We will also be organizing an event this week (at a time TBD, based on available roads) and at least once a week for the next few weeks to run gear, items, etc to the hideout.  So if you want to build a bit of an armory - keep an eye out for those events, we will ping the @Albion Online Players role in discord.

QSV Alliance

We are currently in talks with other guilds in the hideout zone to formalize an alliance.  It is our intention to join this alliance as soon as we've gotten our gear out of Southern Mafia's hideout and disbanded the Hear to Stay alliance.

Stay tuned for more information on this.  In the meantime, we encourage you to join the QSV discord where you can play with the other members of the prospective alliance.  Discord invite details are available on our discord.

This week

Last night we got things started with the new oragnic, less events approach and it really worked out well.  We had a blast running objectives in the roads, doing a supply mission for the hideout from Lymhurst and more.  There was a lot of fame and rewards to be had!

With that said, here are our planned events for this week:

  • Tuesday 9:00pm eastern / 1:00 UTC - Southern Mafia Hideout purge run (if we have time after and there are suitable roads, we will likely do a supply run from Lymhurst to our hideout)
  • Thursday 9:00pm eastern / 1:00 UTC - Static Dungeon Farm in red zone
  • Saturday 9:00pm eastern / 1:00 UTC - Roads roam!

And that's it - thank you for reading this update, and we'll see you in Albion Online!