Albion Online Weekly Chapter Update (Week 7)

Welcome to the Week 7 update of the Aureus Knights chapter in Albion Online!  Here's what we've got for you this week:

  • Lotto Results
  • Season 19 Wrap Up
  • Season 20 Plans
  • Donations
  • This Week's Plans

Lotto Results

In case you missed our post in Discord we have completed our first lotto including the draw.  Huge congrats to Oui for winning 50 fame books, Krysax for winning 25 fame books and Helcaraxe for winning 10 fame books!

We will have  another lottery coming up next week, and we're really excited for you to see what prizes we have lined up!

Season 19 Wrap Up

Season 19 has ended!  We played in only 7 weeks of the season and managed to do really well!  I'm so proud of all of you, we managed to do so much in our first season!  We ultimately finished in exactly 1600th place.

Much of our progress was made in the guild challenge - we managed to get to level 19.  Big thank you in particular to the members of our 1 million+ contribution club:

  • Oui
  • PeonyDreadful
  • ConfusedMamu
  • Krysax
  • Moyaks
  • Arejayoh

Season 19 will always have a special place in our hearts - it was our first season, we made welcomed on many new recruits, joined an alliance with our wonderful partners in Southern Mafia and I think really figured out that Albion is a home that has a lot to offer us and that we have a lot to offer Albion.

Season 20 Plans

We will have much more to say about season 20 in the coming days, but I wanted to start by giving a bit of a philosophical view on what we plan to do in season 20 and then next week we'll likely get more into the firm plans of how we accomplish our goals.

As this will be our first full season we first and foremost want to tackle this as a challenge to gauge just how far we can take the guild in the game!  But of course we want to do that in the most fun way possible.

In Season 19 we were trying a bit of everything, discovering the game and discovering where the guild had a role to play in game.  Of course in season 19 we will continue to enjoy all aspects of the game but I think you will see the guild's activities and events start to drive towards focusing on the three following areas:

  • Fame farming, and building up our characters
  • Small team content as a guild, focusing on building up our presence and effectiveness in the roads
  • Large team content as an alliance, focusing on seeing what our little underdog team can accomplish in the Black Zones

Our event schedule every week will reflect these priorities and will start to narrow in on these three pillars.  Our alliance as well has grown this week, bringing in another guild, a big welcome to The Three Horseman who will help us achieve our alliance goals.

My personal goals for the guild in season 20 look vaguely like this:

  • Crack the Top 1000 as a guild
  • Get our total membership over the 100 mark
  • Get a core group of ~10 people who attend most of our events, and become a strong backbone for us to do content with
  • Place at least one hideout, likely on the roads

Ultimately season 19 was about learning to play the game and learning if the game is worth the time and attention from a guild leadership and membership point of view.  The game has far surpassed our expectations and our desires.  So Season 20 then is about seeing how much fun we can have, how much content we can do, and how far we can push the guild as a force within the game.

I hope you will find that journey fun, I know I'm very excited to see just how much we can accomplish as a group.


I wanted to quickly mention that part of our focus in season 20 being on ZvZ in the black zone means we are going to have a need for Siphoned Energy.  If you get Siphoned Energy doing anything, we would very much appreciate you donate them via the Siphoned Energy screen in the guild UI

This Week's Plans

This week we remain under our Diablo 4 activity level I think, so our plans will be fairly modest as we give folks room to enjoy D4.  Next week we anticipate a more full return to events, consider this your pre-season interlude!

That said we have plenty of things going on, mostly with the Alliance, here's the schedule for the week:

  • Tuesday - Tuesday Night Alliance Roam (8pm eastern / 00:00 UTC)
  • Friday - ZvZ Practice in Faction Combat (8pm eastern / 00:oo UTC)
  • Friday - Post ZvZ Ava Skip (10:30pm eastern / 02:30 UTC)
  • Saturday - Saturday Night Alliance Roam (8pm eastern / 00:00 UTC)

Thank you all and see you in Albion!