Albion Online Chapter


We've recently been doing a little trial chapter in Albion Online and the results have been I think surprising, we've been having a lot of fun with this game that we let pass us by.

As of this evening we've spun up a guild in the game and we're going to be running a chapter to support the game.

So what is Albion Online?  If Ultima Online was made today, I think it would be this game.  It's a proper sandbox driven by a player economy.  Literally every item in the game is player crafted, even the trash that drops on mobs is fed in via an order system that crafters fulfil, really cool stuff.

There's a wide range of content and game modes that cover everything from small PvE and PvP to large scale PvE and PvP.  I've been doing faction wars the last few days and it's really a reminder of our time in Warhammer.

Interested in checking it out with us?  You can drop into discord channel #mmo-albion or apply to the guild in game using the guild finder, we're Aureus Knights as always.

We are on the WEST server, and our home city and preferred faction is Lymhurst (the forest people).

If you want to join the game or learn more you can check out this link.