Albion Online Chapter Weekly Update

Hello everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Ryan/Arejayoh here with the first edition of our weekly Albion Online chapter update.  I'll be doing one of these every Sunday or Monday (TBD, the Albion week actually ends on Monday, so I might want to sync up with that).

Enough of that, let's get into it.

What did we get up to last week?

Last week was pretty fantastic, we welcomed many new friends to the guild and we continued to grow into the game quite nicely.  We took our first steps in the Black Zones (which was super successful!), we had many an overworld dungeon night and all and all had a nice packed event schedule.

The Guild Island was created and leveled up to tier 3.  We now have a T4 Guild Hall and Stonemason, T3 Lumbermill, Tanner, Toolmaker and Cook and finally T2 Weaver and Smelter.  We will be reaching out this week to figure out which buildings we want next, etc as we continue to grow.

Special thank you to Psymonizer, Drexim, Moyaks, Lyanaka, Horrison, NoPity4Lyfe for their silver donations this week.  

Extra special shoutout to Horrison for his contributions this week in getting the guild island up.  He put hours of work into getting us stone, etc required to move things along.

From a guild seasons perspective we did some WORK this week, already catapulting into the Top 5000 in our first week as a guild.

When I was making goals for the guild for this season (which lasts 42 more days) I was hoping we would get to 1000 points, because that's the point at which we can have a guild hideout next season.  It's looking like that won't be a problem and I'm now hoping that we can push to clear into the Top 1000 of the guild season rankings.  I think we can do it, and I look forward to taking it on with you all.

Some shoutouts for contributions to getting us this far: Horrison, NoPity4Lyfe, Arejayoh, Drexim and Jibbles and bits for being the top challenge point contributors.  Leavechit, Drexim, JibblesandBits, Arejayoh and Oueeouee for really making a push for the outlands PvE challenge.  Arejayoh, Jibbles, Valyrria, Lyanka, Oueeouee, GetOffMyLawn and Sarvastle for taking down our first crystal spider in the outlands!

It was a hell of a first full week as a guild, and if this is the tonne for the future, I am super excited.  Speaking of the future...

So what's up this week?

We'll be putting together a bunch of events and continuing to work on the guild challenge this week.  Is it possible we can reach Guild Rank Iron this week?  Feels like a stretch, but achievable!

We're currently looking for the following donations to help the guild:

  • T5 stone for upgrading our Guild Hall
  • Food - for feeding our vendor stations on the guild island

Our planned events for this week:

Avalonian Road Exploration - Tuesday @ 8:30pm Eastern Time
Let's take our first steps together in the Avalonian Roads.  We'll take down some bosses, loot some chests, and learn how the roads work together.  This event will be held at our Event Level Black event level, so please bring gear that you're willing to lose.  To learn more about Blazk Zone survival you can check out our wiki entry on the topic:

Black Zone Fame Farming - Thursday @ 8:30pm Eastern Time
The Black Zone has been a fount of combat fame for us this past week and we'd like to keep the good times rolling!  Join us for a night focused mostly on leveling up combat fame in the Black Zones, but likely also for a few PvP chests, hopefuly a crystal spider or two and who knows what else will happen.  This event will be held at our Event Level Black event level, so please bring gear that you're willing to lose.  To learn more about Blazk Zone survival you can check out our wiki entry on the topic:

Open World Dungeon Farming - Saturday @ 8:30pm Eastern Time
Saturday nights and running open world dungeons?  It's like we're 16 chilling in Everquest all over again.  We'll do an open world dungeon, likely in T4 (so safe zone).  There'll be loot, fame and hopefully some secret objectives or bosses we can find in the dungeon.

I'm likely going to sneak another event in there (there's a lot of content we want to try!), but those will be our three this week.  Also please remember that anyone is welcome to plan an event when we don't have anything planned, you can learn how to setup events in this wiki article:

I think that's it!  It's an exciting week ahead, and I hope I'll see you all in Albion.

Ryan / Arejayoh