About Last Night - Social After Action Report

About Last Night - Social After Action Report

Last night we hosted the first social event of the Shadowbringers era of Aureus Knights in Final Fantasy XIV.  We had a great turn out for a game of tower darts and a march through the cities of The First that ended in a pants off dance off, even getting quite a few other citizens of Gilgamesh together for screenshots and naked marching.

Some are closer than others

Darts was great as always.  For the uninitiated, Darts is a classic AKS event where someone jumps off of a very, very high place and everyone has to try and land on that person.  The closest to the first person to jump is the winner.  Last night we did two bouts: one where each person jumped one at a time and another bout where everyone jumped off at once (and I cheated the placement a bit by jumping from a slightly different angle than others could!).  We had two winners, bout 1 was won by Alkaline and bout 2 was won by Miana!

Winners celebrating!

After finishing up Darts it was off to do the only event more widely loved in AKS: A naked march and pants off dance off.  Now this one always gets us weird looks from new recruits - "what do you mean Taas?  What do you mean we're going to take all of our clothes off and march through a city?"  Well... it looks a little something like this:

A naked march through Eulmore!

We had a blast!  We managed to double the size of our marching line at least.  We had lots of random folks in the community come join us, and it was fantastic.  We ended up marching through Eulmore and two instances of The Crystarium.  We managed to get some great screenshots with us and a bunch of random joiners-on.

Group shot!

I want to thank everyone for coming out, including the Knights who are on other servers and members of other guilds presently.  It was lovely to see so many faces new and old.  Until next time!

Here's a bunch of additional photos from the night!