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    Question For FFXIV Recruits ONLY - In-game Application

    While we encourage everyone to make an intro post, it does not always guarantee an officer will come and find you in-game. To better serve the recruitment process, please submit an in-game application so we can find you easier. Thanks.

    Submitting an Application
    1. Target a member of AKS, then select View Company Profile from the subcommand menu.

    2. Select Submit Application at the bottom of the Company Profile window.

    3. Enter a message to be sent with your application, then press Confirm to submit.

    4. If your application has been accepted, you will be able to join the free company.

    Withdrawing an Application
    1. Select Free Company from the Social Menu to view the profile of the free company you applied to join.

    2. From the Company Profile window, select Withdraw Application.

    3. When a confirmation window appears, select Yes to confirm your withdrawal.

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