The Aureus Knights is a worldwide gaming community and guild that was formed by a group of close friends during earliest days of MMOs, beginning with Ultima Online in 1997. Over the years the group of friends journeyed onward from MMO to MMO. No matter where their adventures led them, be it far away galaxies or grim underworlds, they remained steadfast and loyal, striving for nothing more than peace and the enjoyment of each other's company.

In 2006 we formalized our group as the Aureus Knights. The Founders, reflecting on their years of experience with guild management and community building, formed the guild under some straightforward but crucial tenets. Rule number one for Aureus Knights is to treat people as you'd want to be treated. We use a fairly flat system of leadership where we have officers who are responsible for the day to day running of the guild, but in the end they are just members we are all equals here. This guild exists for its members and not for any other reason; we have no drama here, no power trips and none of that type of baggage that puts the fun of being a part of a community at risk.

We are a mature, family and LGBTQ friendly guild that puts family, work and other real world responsibilities ahead of our games. We're serious about gaming and raiding, but never at the cost of our members' lives.

Our Guiding Principles
The Knights were built upon three principles: Respect, Honor, and Loyalty. We expect our members to be kind, patient and noble. We expect our members to treat others as they would wish to be treated, both within and outside our ranks. We do not tolerate drama, hateful speech or petty squabbling. We're a fun, positive group that's only interest is to expand our circle and grow our culture.

Organized for Action
The guild is built in a flatly structured manner and is intentionally simplistic. We only have a few roles within the Knights:

  • Trial - New members first undergo a brief (usually two week) trial phase to ensure that they are a good fit for us, and we are a good fit for them.
  • Knight - Members who have passed their trial are awarded full membership into the Knights, priviledges within all of our Chapters, and access to our various services.
  • Chapter Officers - Comprised of members who are particularly versed in and dedicated to specific games. They're here to help you make the most out of the game.
  • Community Leaders - Comprised of guild founders, former Chapter Officers and particularly exceptional community members. These folks handle the day to day management of the guild.

The leadership roles exist primarily to foster active involvement from the community, manage the diplomacy of inter-guild alliances, and oversee day to day affairs. These are not tiers of importance or power, nor lines of promotion one should expect to inherently receive. They are responsibilities voluntarily taken on by committed members to improve the gaming experience for the entire community. All Knights are equals, and titles are irrelevant.

Life Comes First
We strive to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere within the guild. Most of our members are working adults with families, and many are students with full course workloads. In some cases we have whole families gaming together. We respect the priorities and importance of life outside of gaming. While we take our gaming seriously and emphasize teamwork, progression and accomplishment, but we do not ask these things at the sacrifice of one's personal life, work or education.

We are proud of the founding principles of our guild, but they are not simply a tagline for us. We whole-heartedly believe in these tenants. It may go without saying that our community is open and accepting of all players. Whether it be age, race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, religion, or disability --- we do not judge or ridicule. Are you a kind person that loves gaming? Then you will find a home here.

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