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  1. I think we'd be a good fit honestly. When we first started out officially in Vanguard our guild was almost 50% married couples mixed in with a broad range of folks (our youngest being 13 (a son of a member) and our oldest being in his 60s). It is a very diverse group that just enjoys each other's company and having fun. No egos, no BS...

    My sincere hope, and I think we've accomplished it, is to create a community where EVERYONE feels welcome.
  2. Before posting in the RIft recruiting thread, wanted to ask you a question. Looking for a solid group of mature people to play Rift with, which sounds simple enough....but I need to find a group that is open to REALLY mature players. I've played WoW for years, AoC, Warhammer, and now Aion. My mom joined me (and my kids) in WoW and she has been playing Aion with me for the last 6 months or so. She's a sweetheart, easy going, very helpful, but she is much older than the typical gamer (I would assume at 50, I'm older than most, too). I want to find a group that will be a good fit for her. She held her own in WoW, on vent, etc. with the high school boys and someone always seems to take her under their wing and look out for her, but I want to go into Rift with the same core group of people I end RIft other words, I want to find a great guild and stay put. Think your group will work?
  3. Hey welcome to the forums Triniti - is there anything I can do to help you?
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