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    Flight 3 - Angular TV Command Center

    Thread Starter: FlashCloud

    Raiding Time: Every Wednesday and Sunday 8h30pm EST Team members: Class Main Second

    Last Post By: kheltemis 5 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Chibi Lee

    FFXIV - AKS Dailies (2015 Edition)

    Thread Starter: Chibi Lee

    Hey all! Lately I've been seeing a lot of new members sharing cool/funny stories or achievements in FC chat that are so fleeting due to the nature of...

    Last Post By: PeachPlumPear 4 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Flight 6: Banana Bacon

    Thread Starter: Sesena

    Raid Times: Monday & Wednesday at 7:00 PM (EST) PLD/WAR: Sigmund Blaze PLD: Crunchy Fishsticks WHM: Leyenai Li'athel SCH: Rojah Silverstar...

    Last Post By: Crunchy 1 Hour Ago Go to last post

    Heavensward (FFXIV 3.0) Compiled Information

    Thread Starter: Gwen

    (To save digging through multiple threads, here is - so far as I know - the collected Heavensward info. If I'm missing anything, holler and I'll...

    Last Post By: Ananstra 5 Hours Ago Go to last post

    FC is selling some minions!

    Thread Starter: Gwen

    In preparation for 3.0, and to clear out some space in our FC chest, we're selling off a few of our minion-y friends. If you have an interest in...

    Last Post By: Rojah Silverstar 6 Hours Ago Go to last post

    [FC Event] Cards Against AKS

    Thread Starter: Gwen

    And the Academy Award for ______ goes to _____. A bunch of idiots playing a card game instead of interacting like normal humans and AKS I promise...

    Last Post By: Kurth Dragonfang 12 Hours Ago Go to last post
    Malina Schadenfreude

    Flight 5-Subligar Seduction (Under new management)

    Thread Starter: Malina Schadenfreude

    Raid Times: Tuesday(farm), Wednesday(progression), Thursday(progression) at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM (PST) Optional Pony farm days Sunday or Monday...

    Last Post By: Avxxsiecle 6 Hours Ago Go to last post

    PSN Japan now has pre-order.

    Thread Starter: Foxdonut

    This means Tuesday for US PSN Heavensward! Hooray!

    Last Post By: Foxdonut 17 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Flight 8 open for business and recruiting

    Thread Starter: Jacqueline

    Hello everyone! I'm currently recruiting members for Flight 8. I have plans to start raiding after 3.0 releases, but if we can get the flight up...

    Last Post By: Jacqueline 7 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Hello, Aureus Knights

    Thread Starter: aki

    I'm Aki Kayaba. I have transferred from Tonberry, a JP server, to Gilgamesh. After reading some forums and all, I came across Aureus Knights....

    Last Post By: aki 40 Minutes Ago Go to last post